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Before he became Mayor Bloomberg‘s 2009 campaign manager, Bradley Tusk had been a Lehman Brothers lobbyist, a Parks Department functionary, a Chuck Schumer spokesman, a Bloomberg adviser — and, for four years, Rod Blagojevich’s deputy governor. Among Tusk’s assignments under Hot Rod was a dicey flu vaccine program — in which he got New York involved. Read more about Blagojevich’s gift to New York politics in the story by Wayne Barrett.

“Like General Motors, a new U2 album is too big to fail,” says Rob Harvilla. Does No Line on the Horizon evade musical bankruptcy? Read to hear.

Jan Šikl assembled the old home movies of displaced Czechs to make the epic Private Century. The Kuchar Brothers made naively lurid 8mm melodramas. What do they have in common? Current showings in New York, and an analysis by J. Hoberman.

Term limits seemed to fall at Mayor Bloomberg’s mere whim. Well, that and plenty of old-fashioned political grease. Bloomberg dumped $1.2 million into the Independence Party — an enormous windfall for the tiny club. How’d that move the term limits needle? Watch Tom Robbins connect the dots.

“Most Americans are eating cat food out of garbage cans these days, so the last thing they want to read about is whether Paris Hilton was wearing patchouli oil…” But they do want to read about Rock of Ages, Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?, 33 Variations, and various boldface names, if Michael Musto‘s writing about them.

And: Nick Pinkerton on the latest Last House on the Left. Scott Foundas on new Japanese films Tokyo Sonata and Megane. Ernest Hardy on the dance film Carmen & Geoffrey. Nicolas Rapold on a revival of Costa-Gavras’ Z. Robert Sietsema eats Nepalese at the Mustang Thakali Kitchen. Sarah DiGregorio eats Spanish at the new La Fonda del Sol. Robert Shuster views Pol Bury, Carolee Schneemann and Wei Dong.

Michael Feingold sees Guys and Dolls, Distracted, and The Savannah Disputation. Alexis Soloski sees Tales of an Urban Indian and D.H. Lawrence’s The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd. Gwen Orel talks to the makers of the Paul Claudel Project. Roy Edroso reads Kat Long’s The Forbidden Apple. Dan Savage straightens out some body issues. Gustavo Arellano settles Sheriff Arpaio and the Guatemalan menace. Rob Brezsny has your Free Will Astrology. Readers write letters. The front page has it all.

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