Vibe Was Right About Kanye’s Grey Beard


In a memorable no-account internet subplot to a movie I don’t quite recall seeing the rest of, Kanye West got a tad agitated about the above Vibe magazine cover. (To wit: I DON’T HAVE GREY IN MY BEARD IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M ALL DOWN WITH BEINGS IN MY 30’S BUT DAAAAAAAAMN!!!! THIS IS SOME BENJAMIN BUTTON’S SHIT! In case you somehow forgot. It was like two months ago.) Pitchfork brought in Vibe‘s music editor for a clarification, which swiftly devolved into a spirited debate about the difference between grey, as a color, and glisten, as a photographic effect.

But now, photos from the recent video shoot for 88 Keys’ “Stay Up (Viagra)” pretty much render this whole scandal/affront/conversation moot.

From the man’s own blog. Anyway, what’s probably even more disturbing/eerie here is the way in which Kanye’s trademark open-mouthed smirk and model-trained posture somehow remain completely legible in amongst the Cosby clothes and old-person wigs. Plus they both somehow just came out looking like 50 Cent. Maybe cause he’s always putting ridiculous disguises, too?

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