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Wednesday’s Headlines: Madoff swindle as much as $65 billion; faces 150 years in prison


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Your Wednesday New York headlines:

Madoff theft total up to $65 billion; faces up to 150 years in prison when he pleads guilty tomorrow.

…And his wife is now target of probe for her role.

Paterson may compromise on Rockefeller drug law revision; throwing a bone to Republicans opposed to Democratic rollback.

Cops bust up Trinitarios drug gang in Washington Heights, arresting 34 members of mostly Dominican cabal, including three leaders.

Borukhova found guilty in murder of her ex-husband; the trial has been miserable for NY’s small Bukharian Jewish community.

Gillibrand getting the help of many of Clinton’s old crew.

7-year-old girl charms reporters as doctor describes the surgery to remove tumor that involved taking out six of her organs.

Firefighter delivers baby in the back of a livery cab.

Jury still thinking over a verdict in rabbi child-molest trial.

Mob defendant’s lawyer tells jury his client was too drunk all the time to be the trusted killer he’s accused of being.

Your cellphone tells advertisers all they want to know about you.

In the Bronx, separating the boys and girls at fifth grade seems to be working.

“Racino” at Aqueduct is nixed by Albany.

Joba Chamberlain looking like his previous self in successful spring outing.

Knicks avoid further disaster, beat Bucks in Milwaukee, 120-112.

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