Why Hold Back Gay Marriage?


Any fool knows it’s an inevitability that at some point in the future, gay marriage will become part of our nation’s fabric in every state as surely as we were convinced Kate Winslet was Oscar bound. It’s so obvious that once we get past the hurdles and setbacks, it will eventually be taken for granted that gays can wed, just as we’ve long thought it absurd to question the fact that blacks are free, women can vote, fish gotta swim, and birds gotta fly.

So why do some people insist on holding back fate? Are they so pigheaded that they’re determined to try and alter history rather than sit back and watch progress play out its magical course? Do they just want to buy some extra time and make sure gays can’t get married until the last possible minute, at which point there’ll be a mad rush on bowties? And if so, why is it so distasteful to them that two consensual adults should unite? Is it just a power play disguised as a message from the heavens? Are they projecting their own guilt about having pissed away the sanctity of their own marriages? Or are they just bored?

I really want to know!

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