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WSJ Catches Neil Diamond Reselling Tickets to His Own Show


Having little entree to the world of high-end showmanship, we did not know it was a Thing for music stars to put some tickets for their own shows up for resale at higher-than-face value and pocket the profits. Nonetheless that’s what the Wall Street Journal reports, but the only star they really nail is Neil Diamond, who made a quick buck on more than 100 seats from his MSG shows last summer. The Journal tracks other stars but is rebuffed. Bruce Springsteen’s people are overtly against the practice in general and have been saying so loudly since Ticketmaster pulled this stunt to their own apparent benefit on the Boss’ recent tour. Some other stars have taken to cutting Ticketmaster out of the deal. We suppose if you’re going to support millionaire recording artists, you may as well pick the ones who return the favor. Photo (cc) simonsayz315.



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