Arabian Prince Will Not Stop Until He Gets That Fergie Money


In a lawsuit that’s making no one look good, NWA founding producer Arabian Prince, is suing, over all things, for a share of royalties earned by Fergie’s “Fergalicious,” an event Prince surely did not anticipate when originally composing “Supersonic” with JJ Fad, the song “Fergalicious” blatantly samples. Apparently, the Eazy E-founded Ruthless Records, which put out the original JJ Fad record (and which has been famous since then for shady royalty practices, as anyone who was in NWA can attest to), has been collecting Prince’s 20% share of the Fergie royalties, too–or so he claims, anyway. The AllHipHop item also notes that for good measure, he’s putting his name back in for those NWA royalties, one more time (“The Arabian Prince claims in the lawsuit that despite repeated attempts, Ruthless has yet to compensate him for the tracks he produced for N.W.A.). Let’s just go ahead and blame the recession for the fact that these two vaunted institutions have been reduced to doing battle over a Fergie record.

Lawsuit Erupts Over Fergie’s “Fergalicious” [AllHipHop]

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