Gay Recap: Dolly Parton Confuses, Ed Koch Evades


Sometimes such dizzying things happen in the media that I am too stunned to type them in and share them with you kids. Thank Goddess for Rex Wockner, the gay blogger who does a column called “Quote, Unquote,” reminding us of that month’s queer-related utterances from notables and blabbermouths.

It was one of the better months for celeb sexuality, as the latest “Quote, Unquote” deliciously informs us. First of all, ex Gotham mayor Ed Koch told The New York Times:

“I do not want to add to the acceptability of asking every candidate, ‘Are you straight or gay or lesbian?’ and make it a legitimate question, so I don’t submit to that question. I don’t care if people think I’m gay because I don’t answer it. I’m flattered that at 84 people are interested in my sex life — and, it’s quite limited.”

Ed, check out something called Viagra–and something else called Manhunt. And tell me when anyone has ever been asked if they’re straight!

More interestingly, backwoods Barbie Dolly Parton told Larry King:

“I am not gay. I have been accused of that. But I have been happily married for 42 years to the same man. And he’s not the least bit, you know, threatened by the fact that I may be gay.”

Dolly, darling, I adore you, but “accused”? It’s not a crime! And then you say “I am not gay…I may be gay.” That made me so dizzy I just spit out my cup of ambition.

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