Incredibly Cheap Eats–Mondongo


I’m a sucker for Spanish American lunch counters. I like the wobbly stools, the linoleum counters, the no-nonsense ladies and the way they hack at the roast pork shoulder to loose hunks of meat for a pernil plate. Even if the food isn’t (always) the image of perfection, I like it anyway.

Borin Queya 2, is a narrow Puerto Rican spot where a chatty crowd gathers for lunch. The menu lists hearty stuff like mofongo (mashed platains with pork cracklings) and arroz con pollo. Sancocho soup is available on Mondays and Fridays. This afternoon, the windows were steamed up from, well, the steam table, which held pernil, chicken stew, yellow rice with pigeon peas, stewed beans and mondongo, a vegetable-heavy tripe stew.

$5 Mondongo lunch plate

The diced tripe is stewed to tenderness, along with carrots, celery, onion and potato. Add a big splash of hot sauce, and you’re happy. It’s served with a heaping quantity of yellow rice and stewed beans for $5.

559 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

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