Obama CIO’s Former Office Raided, Aide Arrested


FBI agents have arrested Yusuf Acar and Sushil Bansal in D.C. today in connection with a bribery case. Agents are searching the city’s technology offices in which Acar worked as an infosys security officer for Vivek Kundra, who was D.C.’s chief tech officer before leaving last week to become Obama’s new chief information officer. Bansal is CEO of a company that did business with the D.C. tech office. A spokesman for D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty says Kundra is not a target in the investigation, but it is fair to ask how Kundra missed this action in his own office — though for all we know this may be a Jesse Jackson Jr.-Blagojevich thing. Meanwhile rightbloggers are excited to see a Federal investigation even this close to the President (“Christmas just came early,” “another possible Obama failure,” “The time has come, I think, to dispense with the notion that George Bush and Jimmy Carter were the worst executive managers to occupy the White House,” etc). Above is a YouTube video of Acar inviting potential co-conspirators to attend a job fair last fall.


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