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Quick Hits – 3/12/2009


Our favorite New York paper has made a haunting short film from surveillance camera footage of a kid casing, then tagging up a Staten Island deli. The perp is thought to have hit a local tire shop as well.

Frank Miller’s Peanuts.

GOP Fight Club: Top Republicans are beating up new RNC chairman Michael Steele. And now that Bristol Palin and her baby-daddy have split up, conservative women are beating Palin up, too. Plus Meghan McCain is picking a fight with Ann Coulter. Well, the survivors will be that much tougher.


Gawker made fun of Wesleyan’s sex magazine. Wesleyan blogger strikes back.

Allen Barra defends A-Rod.

Ominous New Depression sign of the day: The New York Philharmonic has cancelled its summer concert in Heckscher State Park in East Islip. “We have been seriously affected by the financial realities of the day,” says the Phil’s president.

Your Daily Nude is really hurting. We had to go all the way to Australia to find this story about three girls who broke into a waterpark and went nude down a slide, and the picture of “ringleader” and “beauty therapist trainee” Joy Tarnia Miller isn’t even nude. “It was a drunk thing,” Miller told reporters.

The New York Times is selling its jet. We had a glider, but the little metal thing fell off the nose and we couldn’t find it, so we burned it for warmth.



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