New York

Study: Seniors Hit By Cars 40 Times More Often Than Kids


We all pay attention when children get run over, but Transportation Alternatives asks us to also consider the grim chances old people take on the streets: their new report finds that “the fatality rate of senior pedestrians is 40 times greater than that of child pedestrians in Manhattan.” They also tell us that the elderly represent 12 percent of New York’s population but comprise 39 percent of our pedestrian deaths. TA, whose study focuses on Manhattan’s senior-heavy District 2, thinks the Department of Transportation’s Safe Streets for Seniors program errs in concentrating on areas where seniors have already been hit by motor vehicles, rather than on areas where they are concentrated. They recommend longer “walk” lights, smoother pavements, “more predictable” bike traffic (meaning more lanes), “bulb-outs” and better enforcement of parking rules at bus stops, and (slim hope, this) slower traffic. Photo (cc) Ed Yourdon.


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