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What Are The Most Recession-Proof Jobs?


The last thing you would tell a college student today would be “Work for a car company,” “Get a job at Starbucks,” or “Go into ponzi schemes.” Certain lines of work like those are, shall we say, slowing down more than others due to the economic freefall, and it would be rather sadistic to encourage newbies to pursue a profession where the trap door has already been opened and the doorman of hell is waiting with a guest list.

So what DO you recommend? What recession-proof jobs are out there for an entry-level person wary of money slowdowns and chronic unemployment?

I’d say…

Funeral home or cemetary manager. People are still dying in droves, and I’m quite certain they will always need a place to be laid to rest.

Fast food worker. No, it’s not glamorous, but at least you can occasionally sell a salad instead of a happy meal and convince yourself
you’re not a mass murderer.

Paid executive for a charity helping the homeless. You’ll be boldly enriching society–and maybe even get a fabulous expense account.

Any other bright ideas?

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