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Yo! Joaquin Phoenix Raps, Swears, Jumps Heckler | Village Voice

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Yo! Joaquin Phoenix Raps, Swears, Jumps Heckler


Wondering how Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career is going? Here’s a clip of JP regaling the crowd at a Miami nightclub and looking much more cheerful than he did on the Letterman show. Unfortunately the videographer bleeps the swears, which really messes up his flow, but the UK Sun has some details of Phoenix’s confrontation with a heckler upon whom, you will see, the star of Walk the Line finally leaps. “I’ve got $1million in the bank,” the Oscar-nominated actor tells him. “What have you got, bitch?” (Obscenity inferred from context; the Sun prints nudes but not swears.) Don’t be hating, readers; if you had $1 million in the bank, you’d be doing the same thing. (h/t WWTDD.)



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