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Are Banks Just Getting Their Karma?


U.S. banks are worse off than Bernie Madoff these days, their net value having plummeted below the earth’s surface as these once formidable institutions freefall into oblivion.

We know this is largely a result of their greed, negligence, and overly liberal allotments of money to people who couldn’t handle it, but could it also be payback for years of bad service?

After all, Chase bullshitted me about a certain interest rate and had to be nailed against the wall by me and my lawyer before they could come anywhere close to what they’d promised.

And at WaMu, their system is so screwed up that crucial info was gone the last time I sashayed in there, and what should have been a two-minute transaction turned into a full morning of hell, as I sat there for hours, redoing every last bit of paperwork I’d provided three years ago!

And at Bank of America, there’s a fucked up coke addict!

What about you people? What rotten bank experiences have you had that now enable you to take some diabolical glee in their demise?

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