Bolt Will Get Another Chance In Court


A Queens State Supreme Court judge granted a hearing this morning to determine whether a Queens assistant D.A. failed to turn over evidence in case of Rohan Bolt, who was convicted of killing an off-duty cop and the owner of a check-cashing store in 1996.

The Voice first raised questions about Bolt’s possible innocence in a 2007 cover story by Sean Gardiner.

“It’s a tremendous, tremendous victory,” Bolt’s defense attorney Mark Gimpel said earlier today. “The Voice pioneered this case. It’s not over, but if this results in Mr. Bolt’s conviction being overturned, the Voice‘s investigative reporting will have played an important role in making that happen,”

During the hearing, which is scheduled to begin on May 1, Gimpel will have a chance to present a police report that was not turned over to the defense by assistant D.A. Brad Leventhal during Bolt’s 2000 trial, as required by law. The report, according to Gimpel, reveals, among other things, that an anonymous informant who led to Bolt’s arrest was a crack addict who didn’t know his name.

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