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Cell-Phone-While-Driving Blitz Generates 4,000+ Tickets


Remember that driver-cell-phone ticket blitz we mentioned earlier this week? Apparently the cops aren’t fucking around — they’ve issued over 4,000 tickets for the infraction already. They’re not the only ones — the Jersey cops, empowered by a new law passed a year ago, have since written 300 tickets a day for driving while cellular. Commuters with urgent business can get it coming and going! We understand state budgets are tight in both jurisdictions, but this is ridiculous. And everyone knows it’s not because the government worries about people crashing the car because they’re too busy screaming at our loved ones to concentrate — except perhaps New York‘s Daily Intel, which seems to believe the general uptick in petty-crime enforcement has to do with “broken-windows” policing “in anticipation of a general decline in New York’s quality of public life.” Not bloody likely. Soon we expect the cash-strapped city will bring back the feet-on-the-seat subway sweeps. It’s not about protecting citizens from petty criminals — it’s about turning citizens into petty criminals. And cash cows.

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