Cramer Bails on Morning Joe After His Ass-Kicking


Hmm: after suffering an epic smackdown on Jon Stewart’s show last night, Jim Cramer didn’t show up for a planned “The Morning Joe” interview this morning. “Guess he had a late night,” said Joe Scarborough.

Reaction to the Daily Show ep was swift and brutal. James Fallows of The Atlantic compares Stewart to Edward R. Murrow. After Downing Street says Cramer “should go to jail.” Clusterstock refers to the “complete ass-kicking.”

Conservatives do what they can with it. At National Review Mark Hemingway has a poorly timed article asserting that Cramer has been “kicking Jon Stewart’s behind.” Six Meat Buffet claims that “Stewart playing the ‘fake news’ show complete with the pathetic fan applause lines simultaneously with media watchdog just doesn’t work,” but admits it was “embarrassing” to watch Cramer “knuckle under” and “tuck tail.” Commenters at NewsBusters‘ unusually straight-faced account are enraged: “It seems like Stewart aka Leibowitz is the head of the democratic party,” says one.

Splash Page wonders: if Stewart and Cramer were superheroes (or superhero-and-supervillain), which ones would they be?

Comedy Central has made the extended dance remix available online.

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