George-Clooney-Flavored Tofu?


After coming into possession of his sweaty gym towel, PETA reportedly asked George Clooney for permission to harvest his perspiration to make a Clooney-flavored tofu line. The proposed name for the proposed soy product? CloFu, of course.
[EOnline via Eat Me Daily]

In Lucca, Italy, a new law banning new ethnic and fast-food restaurants in the city center has stirred controversy and accusations of racism.
[NY Times]

The is little scientific evidence to back up claims that the acai berry is some kind of miracle fruit. Also, Oprah does not endorse any acai berry products despite what internet popups may tell you.
[NY Times]

A new British study finds that kids who drink a glass of water before a big test score “significantly better.”
[NY Daily News]

The Fat Duck reopened to a full house Thursday, but clams, oysters, and cockles have temporarily been banned from the menu.