Tea Party Draws a Dozen-Plus Protesters


We just ran down to Bowling Green, home of the Bull, to attend today’s Tea Party protest. You may remember these are a big thing in conservative circles, and one in City Hall Park two Saturdays ago drew 200-250 people. This one drew a dozen brave souls, though there were a couple people who wandered in and out, so in the interest of fairness we won’t make that a firm number.

Nationwide tea parties are publicized by the queen bee of such events, Michelle Malkin, and this one was promoted on various internet sites; many of today’s protesters held signs bearing the name of fedupusa.org.

We talked to a few of these folks, and will share their thoughts and feelings later. We will say now that they were less violently anti-government than the group that gathered at the previous New York TP; in fact, we’d say the City Hall Park crowd might find them downright accommodationist. But first we have to bite some wire stories and trawl some celebrity nudes.

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