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Sunday’s Headlines: AIG plans $165 million in bonuses after $170 billion bailout!


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Your Sunday New York headlines:

Greed 101: After $170 billion bailout, AIG planning to hand out $165 million in bonuses to its senior employees!

Greed 201: NYC landlords prepare to fight the city’s contention that they’ve been double-dipping, claiming a tax break for regulated apartments after they’ve been deregulated.

Greed extra credit: Bank robberies up, commish Kelly considers deterrence efforts.

City’s finance commissioner, overseeing real-estate assessment, secretly got permission to work on the side for a real-estate firm.

Three arrested when fights break out in line to audition for America’s Next Top Model.

Three stabbed in Times Square when teens from Brooklyn and Newark battle.

The future of elections? Parents will choose school councils in first public on-line voting.

Justice Department has until Tuesday to decide if Bloomie’s term limits coup is a voting rights violation.

Someone killing trees again in Inwood Hilll Park.

A.J. Burnett looks strong in spring outing for the Yanks.

A-Rod goes from crutches to rehab.

Team USA whipped by Puerto Rico, 11-1, now have to beat Dutch to stave off elimination.

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