Deep Waters: Slow Food Maven on 60 Minutes


The mother of the slow food movement in the U.S., Alice Waters, was featured on 60 Minutes yesterday in what was a somewhat bland piece on her legacy and vision for an America that eats and cooks local, organic and sustainable food.

“Say ‘frozen’ and Alice Waters shudders,” pronounces correspondent Leslie Stahl.

In the segment, Waters feeds the cameraman, makes Stahl a wood-fire cooked breakfast and shops for rather expensive grapes at the fruit and vegetable garden in front of San Francisco’s City Hall. Waters came up with the idea for the garden and has called for a similar setup at the White House for years.

“How can you not love Alice Waters?” proclaims SF Mayor Gavin Newsom. Stahl tries throughout the segment to get Waters to admit that her way of eating is out of reach for many Americans, but Waters doesn’t budge. “Everybody deserves this food. And that’s not elitist,” she says.

Reactions to the 60 Minutes profile have ranged from sympathetic to scoffing.

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