DOOM Vs. Ghostface Vs. Original “Chinatown Wars” Vs. “Chinatown Wars” Remix


This latest mask v. mask collaboration is apparently tied to the release of a new Grand Theft Auto game, for the Nintendo DS–one more the-album-is-dead, all hail the videogame/Cameron-Diaz-is-shopping movie montage harbinger of industry future. Then again, there are certain luxury facets to said future: the original lushly produced track and even more bonkers remix flip, released simultaneously; food on the Ghost/Doom family table; and a high-profile showcase for producer Oh No, Madlib’s little brother.

Which version is better? There is the zithery dusted-out sampled RZA exotica of the original, all quavering ominous high noises and mangled vocal samples, jaded Morricone guitar riffs swirling just beneath it all: a nice little bit of soundtrack for two free-associative MCs to free-associate over. Or the remix: slashing, distorted strings, timpani bass, alarm clocks and cartoon character voices blowing all over the place, 3D and schizo where the original is a merely sane two. Both versions contain Doom’s I’m Gonna Git You Sucka homage: “Let me get one wing.” [Green Lantern’s Twitter]

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