News & Politics Looks OK Except for the Bedbugs


Now people are telling us about — which appears to be an entire website devoted to the craigslist “free stuff” category. PC World calls it a “site that will matter” but we wonder if, like CB radio, it isn’t a heartland thing that will not translate to New York. It’s one thing to read about a free sofabed and loveseat if you live in Wenatchee, Washington, for example, but if you live here you a.) probably don’t have a van to move it in, and b.) worry about bedbugs. On the other hand, there are so many listings for New York City at any given time that you stand a good chance of finding something you might-could use within a couple of blocks. And they sometimes have things like Blackberries which should be easy to check for bedbugs. Did we mention we worry about bedbugs?


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