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Monday’s Headlines: Times plays catch-up on our Rikers Fight Club story


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Your Monday New York headlines…

Times catching up on the Rikers Fight Club story that the Voice‘s Graham Rayman has been reporting for nearly two years.

More AIG drama: Bailout money went to foreign firms and other big banks that AIG owed in derivative gambles. (This isn’t news to you if you’d read Jim Lieber’s “What Cooked the World’s Economy” in the Voice.)

City’s finance commissioner resigns over revelations that she was quietly working for real-estate firm on the side.

Nonprofits dealing with swell of volunteers as the laid-off lend a hand during their job searches.

Actor Ron Silver dies of cancer at 62.

Tough neighborhood! Woman struck in the abdomen by an arrow outside a Bronx nursing home.

Vox Pop, a coffeshop/bookstore credited with improving a Brooklyn neighborhood now on the brink.

At Met, where ‘suggested’ admission is $20, fewer people taking the suggestion seriously, paying less in a bad economy.

Berserk beauties’ want Tyra Banks to give them another shot after melee in line for ‘America’s Next Top Model’ tryouts ruined their chances.

Fire shuts noted Totonno’s pizzeria in Coney Island, owned by same family since 1924.

Outfit Elvis wore in Madison Square Garden gig to be auctioned at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame annex in Soho.

March Madness: With UConn, Pitt, and Louisville, Big East gets three of the No. 1 seeds in the NCAA tournament.

LeBron James puts an end to the Knicks 3-game winning streak, 98-93.

Team USA stomps the Dutch, 9-3, to stave off, gulp, elimination.

Sean Avery scores twice as Rangers down the Flyers 4-1.

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