New York

Near-Bankrupt NY Waterway to Sue US Airways for Water Rescue Funds


We mentioned in January that there were signs that the heroic water landing and rescue of US Airways Flight 1549 might result in lawsuits. Now Crain’s New York Business reports that NY Waterway, whose ferries helped haul Flight 1549 passengers out of the Hudson River, “is preparing a lawsuit against US Airways to recoup the expenses it incurred during the rescue effort.” We have some sympathy for the ferry operators — they’re apparently facing bankruptcy, and say US Airways has been unresponsive to requests for compensation for their time and effort. Also, NY Waterway has ferried passengers without charge during other local catastrophes, including 9/11, the 2003 blackout, and the 2005 transit strike.

We are also in some sympathy with US Airways, who face a $1 million lawsuit from a Yale student who says an Xbox was taken from his luggage while it was in the airline’s custody during a different flight, and suffered further embarrassment last week when it delivered the corpse of a 65-year-old man to a pet store, bureaucratically mistaking him for a fish. Twitpic via Shaun_R.


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