New Yorker to Head Up FDA


After coming down hard on the government’s inadequate inspection of food processing plants, President Obama has vowed to improve food safety by reorganizing the FDA and tightening regulations. And who has he enlisted to help him? None other than former New York City health commissioner, Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg.
[NY Times]

The Cassoulet Festival held at Savoy this past weekend celebrated slow food and the quintessentially French dish. Chefs from Inside Park, Cookshop, Mas Farmhouse and Diner submitted dishes, which included such non-traditional ingredients as partridge sausage, goat belly, tasso and kumquats.

Beloved East Village dive bar Lucy’s reopened its doors to a full house on Friday evening after being shuttered for several weeks.
[Grub Street]

Sushi lovers who feel guilty for indulging in largely unsustainable species of fish will be pleased to hear that a more sustainable Kindai Bluefin from Japan can now be found on the menu at Monterey Bay Fish Grotto in Virginia.
[Washington Post]

Overprotective moms might want to rethink the lengths they go to to avoid having their peanut-allergic kids come into contact with the deadly legumes. A new British study claims that regular exposure to peanuts, in small doses, can build tolerance.
[U.S. News]


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