On Camera Obscura’s “French Navy” Video


Goddamnit, this Camera Obscura video. I want to despise everything about it. The handsome couple, a picture of young love and carefree days, cavorting carelessly across Europe. Nuzzling each other on park benches, straddling each other in bed, sucking face over the skyline. Their unrestrained PDA, acted out in the disgustingly appalling manner in which no one else on earth exists. If I saw these people on a Bedford Ave stoop, I would want to throw things at them.

But here I am, the track on iRepeat, volume boosted to overpower the fact that the ceiling is raining down on SOTC HQ–that’s not a metaphor–totally suckered into loving this song. There’s nothing historically original here: a quick blast of cutesy guitar noodlings, joyous strings, Tracyanne Campbell’s moony delivery, the very template of twee-as-fuck. But there’s something to be said for a flawless pop song as a salve and right now “French Navy” seems just like that.

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