On John Forté’s Cover of “Running Up That Hill,” Which Exists


John Forte “Runnin Up That Hill” from The ICU on Vimeo.

Here we have everyone’s favorite Drug War casualty/Bush pardon equating his seven-year prison bid with… whatever struggle Kate Bush is agonizing about on 1985’s “Running Up That Hill.” Thesis:

Are there men and women who deserve the second shot at life I was given on December 22, 2008, when I walked free from prison? Undoubtedly. Until they can run up roads, buildings, and hills, I will do it for them.

While we congratulate Forté on his excellent taste, we must admit that the official take on this cover here in the steadily collapsing SOTC homestead is “worse Wyclef.” Lots of room for growth here. Stay away from “This Woman’s Work.” Thank you.

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