Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Gloriana’s “Wild at Heart”


Last week’s prediction: Nothing like this again, unless iTunes wants a revolt.

Sometimes, you get a real child-slavery vibe from these young, recently formed Nashville acts. From the official Gloriana bio: “We spend most of our time rehearsing and writing at our band house in Nashville. Most nights, we play shows…Tom loves to go for long walks, but really misses his walking buddy Paris- his four year old Boxer that lives back in North Carolina.” He also hopes the man who currently has a shotgun aimed at Paris will hold off for just a little bit longer.

Anyway, Taylor Swift is taking these guys on the road, in a tour I can’t help but imagine as a kind of mobile, prolonged episode of Dawson’s Creek. Can you be a wholesome, healthily plump merry band and still call your first single “Wild at Heart”? David Lynch didn’t take that out of circulation? Anyway, after last week’s Demon Eyes debacle, the iTunes commentors seem to be much happier, although there are, predictably, some dissenters. Says WagDragon: “Well its country…and it is like all other country songs and if you like all those other country songs then this one is just like them but if you are like me and don’t like yodelers singing about how their dog ran away, their girl is gone, their house burned down, and all they have any more is their chevy truck, or any combination of the four then skip this song.”

Next week’s prediction: Non-white. After this, you can bet on that.

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