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Doc Fined $20G for Fake Botox | Village Voice


Doc Fined $20G for Fake Botox


If your botox is making you depressed, maybe it was cut with downers or something. The Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety, among others, has been warning us about fake botox for a while now, and Fox News reports that the menace is unabated: an East Syracuse doctor has been fined $20,000 for “injecting patients with an unapproved drug he told them was Botox.” Ominously, they didn’t say what Dr. Douglas Halliday, who has a one-star user rating from Vitals, was using instead. Halliday recently changed the name of his practice from “Enhancements” to “Rejuvenate of Syracuse,” which under the terms of his probation regulators will only let him operate under the supervision of another doctor. He also does hair transplants, and who knows what he uses for that. Maybe the safest course of action for those seeking a lift is to go DIY. Photo via Vitals.


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