Finally, An Award For Male Hookers!


There’s an award for everything from Best Actress in a Nazi Musical to Best Supporting Actor Who’ll Never Work Again, and now there’s finally a trophy for best male escort! In fact, it’s been there for quite a while, but somehow in all the Grammy/Oscar/Emmy/People’s-Choice frenzy, the ‘ho-a-phobic media tends to forget about it.

But not me! I feel rentboy.com’s Hookie awards are the ultimate honor–illustrious prizes given to the male sex workers who do their job most thoroughly, clean up after themselves, and don’t sell your cumrag to the tabloids. The awards will be held this Friday the 20th at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion–I mean at Splash–where your host Shequida will guide the winners through their prostie paces, as presenters like Michael Lucas and myself hand them phallic trophies to sit on. Yes, they asked me to be part of this giddy gay-la, and I, as always, said “OK.” I’m such a whore!

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