“I Need To Be On My Own”: Watching MTV’s The City Season Finale


The long awaited The City season finale did not end, as it probably should have, with Olivia being shot out of a cannon. Instead we got loose ends, and 30 minutes to tie them up before the uncannily light baton was to be ceremoniously passed on to a new season of The Hills: Would Whitney reunite with Jay? Would Adam ever get a paid modeling gig? Would Scarecrow Erin ever find a brain? Would we finally get a glimpse of Allie eating? The answer, as you should know by now, is always no.

The last show’s first confrontation came at One Management, the modeling agency where, astonishingly, Erin is still employed, although not as a model. After Adam realizes that the only reason Allie moved out and “took a break” from him was due to Erin’s detective work in Miami, he paid Erin a visit and basically told her to fuck off. “I’m just saying what others are afraid to say,” Erin says, standing her ground. “You don’t know shit,” Adam says. “Don’t point your finger at me,” Erin responds.

Allie, not really needing an excuse to talk to Adam but feels better having one, tells him, at his place of business–Il Bastardo in Chelsea — that Erin was only looking out for her best interest. “I’m tired of hearing the same thing over and over again,” Allie says. “Babe, it won’t happen ever again,” Adam says with a pout. And so the crazed couple reunites once more.

Back at DVF, it’s Fashion Week. Olivia and Whitney are now competing for an opening at DVF’s London branch, Lord of the Flies-style. The two get to work and, in a brief flicker of non-narcissism, Olivia notices Whitney looking a little pique and, as they pick out accessories, asks her what’s wrong. “Jay left on tour and-” Whitney says, before being cut off. “This is so cute,” Olivia says, admiring a particularly shiny piece of clothing. Last straw. Whitney finally breaks down and calls the one person that has triumphed through the toughest of betrayals and heartaches: Lauren Conrad.

“The city in general is so exhausting,” Whitney says. I concur. Whitney tells LC about Olivia’s opportunist ways and her letdown with Jay. LC manages to assist a bit and tells her to focus on work, and so she does. Back at the DVF fashion show, Olivia is still taking credit for the Elle cover look. As Olivia gets chummy with the DVF U.K. representative, Whitney gets fed up. “I pulled the look,” Whitney tells Olivia. In her classic condescending way, Olivia tells her she’ll acknowledge her and tell their overlords that Whitney did indeed help. Too late: Olivia is informed that she’ll be heading to London. (Spin-off?)

As Whitney hangs her head on the sidelines of the DVF afterparty, Diane von Furstenberg herself sits down next to her and asks why she isn’t “playing with everyone else.” Whitney informs her of her romance woes. Diane recalls her grandmother’s moment of clarity, a ramble which begins with “Absence is to love what fire is to…” And a nation cries out in confusion.

Then Jay calls. “I’m outside DVF,” he says, wearing a tie and suit, as if expecting to make it into the party. Looking like a whimpering dog, he tells Whitney that he’s made a huge mistake. “I really love you,” he says, which is code for: I want to be in the second season. Whitney hugs Jay. “It’s too little too late,” she says. “You don’t love me?” Jays asks. “I was falling in love with you,” she says, but now “I need to be on my own.” Cue fireworks, merciful ending.

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