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Man Saves New York, And Wants Everyone To Know


Man saves New York!

The San Jose Mercury News took a moment today to profile a codger who back in the day put out a fire on board an ammo-loaded ship in New York City harbor, thus, according to the story, stopping the blaze from “taking out greater New York City.”

“It was a close call for New York City that day,” 88-year-old Walter Firestone, of Brooklyn, tells the Merc.

Firestone, who got a Coast Guard medal today for his feat, also should get a medal for public relations.

When the New York Times wrote a look-back on the incident last year, Firestone piped up and called the local Coast Guard station, “eager to note that he was one of the few” folks still alive who were involved.

Walter, for averting catastrophe of biblical proportions, this Bud’s for you.


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