Molly’s for Irish Stew and Corned Beef


If you want to brave the drunken, green crowds for some good Irish food and drink today, Molly’s is probably the best place to do so. (In Manhattan at least–almost any Irish bar in Woodside, Queens, is for reals.) The small pub has low ceilings, wooden booths, sawdust on the floor, properly poured Guinness, and most employees have an actual Irish accent. Plus, the food is really good–not just good for pub food, but actually tasty.

We stopped by today for lunch, and the place was so packed that we had to share a booth with strangers–but there’s nothing like Guinness and Jamison to make quick friends.

Irish lamb stew and corned beef after the jump.


Well, the flash was not kind to this Irish lamb stew, but it tasted a lot better than it looks. It’s a big bowl filled with hunks of braised lamb, potatoes, carrots and rutabaga in a very lamby, rich broth, served with Irish soda bread on the side.


The corned beef in this sandwich is perfect–juicy, tart slices of coarse-grained corned beef (basically cured brisket braised with pickling spices), plus rye bread and mustard. Great fries, too.

Molly’s Shebeen
287 Third Avenue

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