More Wining


Governor Paterson’s proposal to widen wine sales throughout the state has gained yet another endorsement, this time from Newsday. A number of local newspapers have championed the idea, which would allow grocery stores in New York State to sell wine, a right that stores in 35 states already have.

While the Newsday editorial expresses support for the proposal, it concedes that measures would have to be taken to protect liquor stores and wine merchants, suggesting allowing wine and spirits sellers to stock mixers and other accoutrement, such as cheese and olives. Other newspapers that have recently run op-eds supporting the proposal include the New York Post and Daily News.

We hope that New York can at least keep up with Kentucky and Tennessee, both of which have recently put forth proposals to allow wine sales in grocery stores. We’re already 25 years behind Iowa, the last state to widen their wine sales back in (gasp!) 1983. Come on, people… Iowa!

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