The Smart Way to Smuggle Cheese



Of all the legacies of the Bush administration, the demise of Roquefort is probably not going to make the history books. But alas, as we reported in January, one of Bush’s last dastardly acts was to triple the import tax on certain “luxury goods” from Europe, including the singularly creamy blue cheese from the village of Roquefort, which will now be taxed by 300%. This effectively ends the import of Roquefort to the US, by making it prohibitively expensive.

If you have the good luck to be traveling, you can pick up some Roquefort to smuggle home. But how to get the conspicuously stinky cheese past customs? I usually just rely on looking innocent for all my food smuggling needs, but The Atlantic’s new food site has a tip from resident food writer Corby Kummer: Ask the shop to cryovac (vaccum-seal in plastic) that cheese for you, and no one at customs will ever be the wiser that your bag is full of contraband dairy. Try to buy your cheese on the last day you’ll be traveling, so that the cheese won’t be sweating in the air-tight plastic for too long. As soon as you get home, cut it out of the cryovac and wrap it in waxed paper.

Meanwhile, Murray’s Cheese is throwing a farewell party for Roquefort on this Sunday, March 22.



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