We Love You, Natasha!


As Natasha Richardson struggles to recover from her skiing accident, I’m looking over her career credits and finding them all extremely worthy of the child of two Oscar winners. Among my faves:

1988: Patty Hearst. Natasha was riveting as the kidnapped and brainwashed heiress whom I now count as a pal.

1990: The Handmaid’s Tale. In this sleek, just-campy-enough version of the futuristic Margaret Atwood tale about women birthing a pure race of babies, Natasha exuded star quality for centuries.

1992: Anna Christie. Natasha and Liam Neeeson set off such sparks in this O’Neill revival on Broadway that, unsurprisingly, they later married.

1998: Cabaret. She won every award in the book for her Broadway triumph as Sally Bowles, the medium-talented singer with glittery eye makeup, scads of vulnerability, and a bun in the oven.

Natasha is such a superb actress that when she starred in a rotten production of Streetcar Named Desire, you just knew it had to be the direction!

We love you, darling!