American Idol Top 11 Results: The Live-Blog


Sharyn Jackson is your American Idol host for season eight. This week: the Top 11!

Like American Idol itself, I’m coming to you live! It’s insanely difficult to pull myself away from the tragic reports about Natasha Richardson (cry cry), but I’m here to do my Idol duties–in real-time.

If you didn’t catch my recap of yesterday’s show, Country Night was a toughie, with no true winner skating through. But there were good vibes all around for the likes of uber-Christian Danny Gokey and a newly revived Anoop Desai. Adam Lambert gave us 90 solid seconds of crazy sexy eyes, and no one knew what to do with it. And every contestant was told to basically stick to what they know. In the case of the annoying Megan Joy, that means more annoying for a long time to come. Unless voters heard my pleas, and sent her packing. Which we’ll be finding out momentarily!

8:56 pm. Just making sure this thing works! My expectation for the bottom three tonight, as I posted in my recap, is Megan Joy, Adam Lambert, and Scott MacIntyre. Who do you think will make up the bottom of the barrel? Leave a comment!

9:01. Thirty-one million votes last night. Don’t you people have anything better to do? Ha, I should talk.

9:02. The judges don’t get the royal treatment on the results show, with only Ryan Seacrest introducing them. Figure it’s recession-based downsizing.

9:04. Recaps. Megan Joy sings “moooo-nlight.” What is that? Argh. And the more I re-listen to “Independence Day,” the more I think Lil might be in serious trouble tonight.

9:05. Simon about Adam Lambert: “What the hell was that?” My sentiments exactly. But kind of in a good way. And what is up with Matt Giraud’s eyebrows?

9:07. Group Sing! Only the best thing to happen to me today! They’re singing “T-R-O-U-B-L-E.” It’s a Travis Tritt song that gives the contestants a chance to show America they might be able to spell. Everyone dances around Scott, who plays the piano. Well that gets him out of the possibility of a stage-tumble. Unfortunately, it means his hottie brother doesn’t get to dance around with him. Maybe next week…

9:12. If that song wasn’t painful enough, we get another Group Sing, but this one has a certain brand of car all over it. Wow, ok, yay for infomercials.

9:14. A heartfelt tribute to Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez. Alexis tries to pretend she isn’t thrilled that she’s one step closer to hot pink down and dirty world domination. Lil recounts her distress as the loss of the only other minorities this season. All the Idols go out to a red-checker tableclothed Italian restaurant to toast their fallen friends, and everybody cries.

9:17. Sad! Michael says his daughter asked him, “Why don’t you want to be with me anymore?” Michael says he still doesn’t want to go home.

9:18. Oh, poor Megan Joy is miraculously over her (highly exaggerated?) case of the flu that no doubt kept her in play another week.

9:19. The Verdicts
Everyone who gets through tonight gets to go on the American Idol national tour.

9:20. Danny Gokey (obvy), Lil Rounds (freaking out in shock), Anoop Desai are all safe.

9:22. Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver are asked to stand. Allison’s looking Kelly Clarkson-chunky as she waits for the result. Ryan asks Paula which of the two should go home, and after babbling deliberations, she picks Allison. And she’s right! Boooooooo. But wait there’s more! Michael Sarver is also in the bottom three! Oh Ryan Seacrest, you’re so sly.

9:28.Grand Ole Opry member Brad Paisley stops by to sing some deep country. This is a perfect time for me to check on the chicken in the oven. That’s actually not a euphemism for anything.

9:30. Keep singing, Brad! I have to baste!

9:35. More results: Scott is asked to stand. Annnnnd, he’s safe. Megan Joy looks perfectly happy with herself, since she’s once again duped the masses with her “unique” and “quirky” things she does, and got a spot on the tour. Rolling eyes. Matt Giraud is also safe.

9:38. Kris Allen moves along to the Top 10. So that leaves us with Adam and Alexis? Uhoh. Ryan asks Randy which one will be in the bottom three. Randy said Adam did a Jeff Buckley version of “Ring of Fire” now–interesting. So he picks “Allison. I mean, Alexis.”

9:40. Adam is safe! A gay goes on tour! Yippee! And all of my bottom three picks are dead wrong.

9:41. Allison, I mean Alexis, I mean Allison is safe.

9:45. Carrie Underwood is back on the Idol stage, in a duet with Randy Travis. Maybe now I’ll figure out who this guy actually is.

9:51. Is it just me, or does Carrie wail a bit too much like Adam Lambert?

9:52. Simon tells Ryan that one of the bottom two would be worth using their conspiratorial veto power to keep in another week. But which one is it?

9:56. Shocking! Alexis is going home! But the judges say they will save her if she does a good job on a reprise of “Jolene.” Well, the girl certainly does try, but stress or fear or a bit of Megan’s flu caused her to have some really bad moments. The judges send her away. Today’s just a sad, sad day.

10:00. Next week is Motown, another genre that continues to suffer at the hands of TV karaoke. Can’t wait! And that’s a wrap.

10:06. This is actually the last word from me: Our own Michael Musto was on the local Fox 5 news!

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