“Consumers Don’t Want Double Packs”


Quotes from the Food and Agriculture Summit included, “What I think the consumer wants is value at point of sale. They don’t want a lot of fancy promotions. They don’t want a lot of double packs. They want a reasonable price point.”

In a survey of 8,203 people across the country, 2.55 percent were found to suffer from food allergies. Analysis of the results showed that young black boys were four times more likely to have allergies than others.
[U.S. News]

With so many restaurants in New York City closing or struggling, the competition among chefs has stiffened. Many are seeking out other jobs within the industry, while others are resorting to reality TV auditions.
[NY Times]

Greenopia, a new service that rates the environmental impact and overall healthiness of fast food restaurants, launched yesterday.

Miley Cyrus’ “Hannah Montana” snacks were pulled from supermarket shelves this week as part of the wider peanut-product salmonella scare.
[SF Chronicle]


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