I’m Gonna Be On Match Game Live!


I just got a press release saying I’m a celebrity panelist on a live game show, so I guess it’s really happening. In fact, I’m pulling together my best Brett Somers wig and Charles Nelson Reilly pants suit (or vice versa) as we speak! Here’s the release:

“Michael Musto is joining the panel of Match Game Live, a new monthly comedy game show at Bowery Poetry Club, next Sunday, April 22, at 8 PM. It’s an homage to the old game show, and our panel is made up of some NYC’s sharpest comic minds:

Sara Benincasa (ECNY winner, Sirius Radio)
Frank DeCaro (Daily Show, Sirius Radio)
Jessica Delfino (Fox News, Good Morning America)
Eric Kirchberger (HBO, Comedy Central)
Jena Friedman (Entertaining the Bartender)
and MICHAEL MUSTO (Village Voice)
with host Ben Lerman (HereTV, Sirius Radio)

We pick contestants from the audience to compete for CASH AND PRIZES (Yay! FREE SHIT!) by matching the celebutard panel in a game of logic, wit, and wordplay, and between games, we’ll be taking faux commercial breaks provided by comic and filmmaker Oren Brimer (Comedy Central, Onion News Network, College Humor).

Please help spread the word about our blogable show!”

Yay! I’m a celebutard!

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