New York

Judge Slaps BOA/Merrill, Clears Way for Cuomo Investigation


While everyone was freaking out over AIG bonuses, Andrew Cuomo won a victory in his attempt to get justice on the $4 billion in Merrill Lynch bonuses that were outraging us back in January. A judge has ruled that Cuomo may disclose the names of the Merrill bonus execs whom he has subpoenaed in the case. Bank of America, which took over Merrill Lynch after its collapse, had hoped to convince the judge that the names of its bonus recipients was a trade secret — such as, they had told the court, the formula for Carvel Ice Cream. The judge didn’t go for it, which clears the way for Cuomo’s investigation. The AG also offered his opinion of Ed Liddy’s offer in Washington today to get back some of the government-enhanced money AIG gave out in bonuses: “too little too late.” Having smacked AIG for their high-priced junkets last year, Cuomo subpoenaed them on Monday. Dude’s kicking all kinds of ass lately.


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