New York

Local Actor Saves Man on Subway Tracks, Does Reading


Chad Lindsey is a Bat, meaning he is among the young company of the Flea Theatre, where he plays in the Elizabeth Swados light opera Kaspar Hauser: a foundling’s opera. Bats are expected to do stage-crew work as well, and in the show, the New York Times tells us, Lindsey is called upon to “repeatedly lift a character who cannot walk” — which was all good training for his rescue of a man who fell onto the subway tracks on Monday. The actor, who lives in Woodside, was waiting for the C at the Penn Station stop when Theodore Larson took a spill. Lindsey went and got him, then announced “Call the station agent and call the police!” and “managed to melt back into the anonymity of the city” — actually continuing his intended journey, to take part in a reading at the Flea that afternoon — until someone tipped off the Times. Here’s his headshot. Producers, give a hero a job: Kaspar Hauser closes March 28.

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