Rihanna, Get The Fuck Out Already!


I’m so weary of reading the comments of people trying to blame Rihanna for her situation with Chris Brown or saying she slapped him first, or reminding us that she’s said there’s been abuse in her past, blah blah blah. Whatever! The point is that she needs to get out of this mad love affair immediately! The fact that there may have been hitting on both sides makes it an even worse situation, a couple with two perpetrators and two victims! That’s all the more reason why both parties need to go their separate ways and seek help.

Of course I don’t recall Chris Brown ever having to be rescued by police after being beaten to a bloody pulp by Rihanna…but again, let’s not quibble over details. Naturally, as a man, he could have averted a full-scale brawl rather than leave his woman senseless in a bloody heap…but again, I’m being oh so picky. The important thing is that someone–anyone–who gives a shit about Rihanna needs to do an intervention and steer her as far away from Chris Brown and this abusive situation as humanly possible, so the pattern doesn’t repeat itself. Anyone who stands by and lets her keep going with this is basically punching her in the face.

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