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Sneak Preview of the Caroline Kennedy “Female Force” Comic


We’re not surprised that someone has put out a Michelle Obama comic, nor that the same company, Bluewater, has also put out Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton comics as part of their “Female Force” Series. And we applaud their effort “to show women in a positive light.” (As to their decision to “tone down the ‘T and A’ angles,” that brings us only mild regret, as those angles have already been taken care of elsewhere.)

But when the Daily News told us today that Bluewater plans to continue the line with a Caroline Kennedy comic, we contacted our friends in the industry to ask WTF. She hasn’t really done anything female-forceful except get born a Kennedy and appear in front of news cameras. As cartoonists can be bought for a bag of salt, we got them to smuggle to us some panels from the impending Kennedy comic. It does not resemble the epic described by Bluewater, but as cartoonists are simple, guileless creatures we are inclined to take their word for it. See below.



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