Super Capers Is Dumb Parody For Next Generation Geeks


The geeks that came of age thrilling to blockbusters like the original Star Wars trilogy and Back to the Future are settling into contented adulthood and the joys of child-rearing. But just as George Lucas recently unleashed The Clone Wars as a way to lure his fans’ progeny into his lair, so too does writer-director Ray Griggs’s juvenile Super Capers target the next generation, hoping that kids will be interested in a witless send-up of pop-culture detritus like light sabers, Batmobiles and “Hasta la vista, baby.” The film concerns Ed Gruberman (Justin Whalin), a mild-mannered do-gooder with dreams of being a superhero despite his lack of any discernible powers, who befriends a group of burgeoning caped crusaders. In the revolting tradition of Superhero Movie and Fanboys, Super Capers isn’t so much a filmed entertainment as it is a patchwork of “Hey, remember this movie?” references separated by plot machinations so torturous that you start to long for the mind-numbing familiarity of the parody sequences. Wielding dopey humor and a vaguely pro-Christian message, Griggs seeks to create a family-friendly kids film that pays homage to the comic-book and sci-fi movies of his childhood. But considering how moldy its satirical targets are, Super Capers will probably just convince young people that what their parents loved sucks.

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