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When you think about out-of-control parents and coaches in little-league sports, you probably think of the suburbs. But right here in the city, there are sixth-graders playing 12 months a year, with sponsors like Nike, signing bonuses — and out-of-control parents and coaches. This is Elite Youth Basketball. Graham Rayman reports.

Britney Spears is on her “s/m-tinged, erratically erotic, stupendously excessive Circus tour.” Rob Harvilla caught her act at Nassau Coliseum.

The Girlfriend Experience is about the escort industry and has a porn-star in the lead. Aaron Hillis pumps Steven Soderbergh for the money shot.

22 nude women on the floor. 19 white plaster casts of nude women with them. What’s Vanessa Beecroft up to? Alan Gilbert examines.

The Coalition for the Homeless finds that the number of families on the street has reached an all-time high. Mayor Bloomberg says the city’s handling the homeless just fine. How does he get away with it? Tom Robbins tells you.

In her new book of stories, Mary Gaitskill finds “an entirely new mode… one of age and regret and titanium emotional intelligence,” says Zach Baron.

Music: Mike Powell on Will Oldham. Stacey Anderson on Metric. Mikael Wood on P.J. Harvey and John Parish. Phil Freeman on Khanate. Film: J. Hoberman on Hunger and The Feature. Melissa Anderson on Valentino: The Last Emperor. Nick Pinkerton on the films of Robert Mulligan. Theatre: Alexis Soloski on The Unseen, Venice Saved: A Seminar, and Red-Haired Thomas. Eli Epstein-Deutsch on The Lonely Soldier Monologues. Rob Weinart-Kendt on The House of the Spirits. Food: Robert Sietsema on Buttermilk Channel and recession noodles. Art: Robert Shuster on Chakaia Booker. Ben Davis on Jeremy Deller. Books: Zach Baron on Wells Tower and spring book picks. Dance: Brian Siebert on Fang-Yi Sheu. Deborah Jowitt on Karole Armitage and Ohad Naharin.

Michael Musto in clubs, pubs and theatres. Free Will Astrology. Ask a Mexican. Letters. Etc.

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