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Wednesday’s Headlines: Natasha Richardson hit nothing, simply fell in beginner’s ski lesson, public waiting to hear extent of head injuries


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Your Wednesday New York headlines…

Natasha Richardson flown to New York, public still waiting for word of how serious her head injuries are from skiing accident

…on life support, ‘brain dead’ say family members.

IRS plans deduction to help Madoff victims, but can’t do anything about their stupidity.

Tracking down an anonymous hero: actor jumps onto subway tracks to rescue man, leaps out of the way, then catches the train himself.

Bad economy means performers on subway will get more numerous, even more annoying.

Calling bullshit on the concept of “retention pay,” supposedly needed to keep talent at financial firms.

Mob hit man Carneglia found guilty of four murders.

Department of Justice won’t stand in the way of Bloomberg’s term-limits coup.

Crappy elevators in public housing cause lots of injuries.

Conflict-of-interest allegations catch up with parking-ticket judge.

David Wright provides heroics in Team USA’s ninth-inning rally.

Mariano Rivera, the ageless Yankees wonder, looks good in spring training debut.

Rangers down Montreal in 4-3 shootout.

The lineup for this week’s issue of the Village Voice:

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Feature: The Raw Intensity of New York’s Elite Youth Basketball, by Graham Rayman

Spring Guide: David Levine Messes with Imperfection in Venice Saved: A Seminar
More Theater this week

Art: In VB64, Vanessa Beecroft Sings the Body Eclectic

Books: Mary Gaitskill’s Trapdoors and Mirror Balls

Sietsema:Foamy and Dappled at Buttermilk Channel

Hoberman: The Excruciating Details of Death-by-Starvation in Hunger
More films opening this week

Harvilla: The Hesitant Triumph of Britney Spears
More music: The Brilliant Disguises of Will Oldham, and much more

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