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“21” Club Stealing Tips? | Village Voice


“21” Club Stealing Tips?


More than 30 employees of the “21” Club filed a class action suit against their employer on Tuesday, claiming that the restaurant has been illegally withholding their tips. The amount in question could be more than $1 million.
[NY Times]

Kellogg CEO, David Mackay, calls for an overhaul of the country’s food safety system. The company has lost close to $70 million since the beginning of the peanut product recall. Mackay says we need an authority other than the FDA devoted solely to regulating food safety.

The LA Times noted that Frank Bruni recently visited the city to review three restaurants for his Outstanding Newcomer series. Bruni awarded the coveted tag to Bazaar, enjoyed Animal, but was underwhelmed by Palate Food + Wine, which has earned raves from local critics.
[LA Times]

A panel of nutritionists in the UK has found that the recipes of British celebrity chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson, are loaded with (gasp!) harmful fats. In New York, however, chefs are cutting fatty ingredients from their menus.
[NY Daily News]

GoodGuide, a service that rates the eco-friendliness of household goods, has started rating foodstuffs – and not only for their environmental footprint but also their nutritional value. Its database of food products is expected to grow from 5,000 to tens of thousands within the next few weeks.


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