Animal Collective Engage In Real World Activity, Auction Test Presses for Charity


In what an internet judge might charitably deem second- or third-degree community blogger service, we direct you to the Animal Crack Box 3LP Animal Collective TEST PRESSING!! auction currently underway over at eBay. Catsup Plate, the auctioneer here, patiently explain:

    • For our upcoming 3LP boxed set of live and unreleased Animal Collective music, entitled

Animal Crack Box

    , we’ve decided to do something a bit more positive with a set of the test pressings and offer them up for auction with 100% of proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, a Nobel Peace Prize winning medical humanitarian organization who do a tremendous job in offering impartial and non-political help to victims of violence, neglect, or catastrophe around the world.

A characterization which is indubitably true. All music dates from the “first three years or so of the band,” and Catsup Plate are offering a full tracklisting on the page too, for those for whom charity ain’t quite enough of its own reward. Ironically, this one-off box set includes what may well be the best all-around artwork of any AC release, ever–a nice additional perk for the one person on the planet who ends up with it. Bidding is at US $355.00 and hopefully climbing fast. You have till next Wednesday to do your good/infinitely selfish deed.

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