Bloomberg: More City Schoolkids Going to CUNY


The Mayor congratulates himself and the board of ed today that city high schools are sending more graduates to CUNY — also, that black and Hispanic graduates are enrolling at CUNY schools at a faster pace. It’s great to see more city kids going to college, of course. But given the lousy economy and the ridiculously high price of tuition almost anywhere else, the still-affordable (though no longer free) CUNY schools were bound to see an uptick in enrollment, especially from schools where poorer kids go. And it’s worth noting that, though CUNY has been raising its academic entrance requirements, 80 percent of CUNY’s community college enrollees fail a basic skills test and have to take remedial classes. Still, it’s positive news, and may help bolster the Mayor’s case that his control of the schools should be renewed — an issue under debate now and to be decided in Albany in June.


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